Bami Token

Bami is a community-owned project.

The BAMI Token (BAMI) is Bami Protocol's governance token. Users may stake a certain amount of BAMI tokens to create new governance polls, which can be voted on by users that have staked BAMI.

BAMI token is designed to capture the profits of Bami Protocol, allowing its value to scale with the ecosystem. Bami distributes protocol fees to BAMI stakers base on the locking period and the number of tokens staked.

BAMI tokens are also used incentivize liquidity providers and bootstrap the platform.

There will be a fixed total of 1 billion BAMI Tokens.


Bami is owned by the community. Therefore, we believe the majority of the token should be owned by the community over time. 48% of tokens will be distributed and controlled by the community. 7% of Bami is allocated to the first 4 weeks of boosted rewards for liquidity providers.

Strategic Reserve

15% is reserved for future strategic expenses. These include listing fees, audits, third-party services, liquidity for partnerships, etc.


5% of distributed tokens will go to early stage strategic investors. 4% is reserved for future strategic investors. 1% is allocated to public sale.


20% of the distributed tokens will go to funding development and expanding the team. A small amount will be available upon protocol launch. The remaining will be subject vesting schedule discussed in Token Distribution section.

Emission Rate

62 / block

What is BAMI Token used for?

Staking: Users can staking BAMI to receive a share of the profits Bami Protocol earns. Investors holding BAMI tokens are the owners of the Bami ecosystem.

Reducing transaction fees: BAMI locked in Vault helps users to reduce transaction fees.

Engaging users: In the future, Bami will add incentives to encourage users to use the platform, and based on users' activeness, they will receive a certain amount of BAMI in return.

Providing liquidity: Users can use BAMI to provide liquidity and receive profits in return.

Governance: BAMI holders will receive vBAMI – the governance token of Bami Protocol. Users can vote for the features they want to apply using the vBAMI tokens.

NFT transactions: BAMI can be used for payment and NFT transactions on Bami NFT Marketplace