Bami Token

Bami is a community-owned project.

The BAMI Token (BAMI) is Bami Protocol's utility token.

BAMI tokens are also used incentivize liquidity providers and bootstrap the platform.

There will be a fixed total of 1 billion BAMI Tokens.


Bami is owned by the community. Therefore, we believe the majority of the token should be owned by the community over time. 48% of tokens will be distributed and controlled by the community. 7% of Bami is allocated to the first 4 weeks of boosted rewards for liquidity providers.

Strategic Reserve

15% is reserved for future strategic expenses. These include listing fees, audits, third-party services, liquidity for partnerships, etc.


5% of distributed tokens will go to early stage strategic investors. 4% is reserved for future strategic investors. 1% is allocated to public sale.


20% of the distributed tokens will go to funding development and expanding the team. A small amount will be available upon protocol launch. The remaining will be subject vesting schedule discussed in Token Distribution section.

Emission Rate

62 / block

What is BAMI Token used for?

Reducing transaction fees: BAMI locked in Vault helps users to reduce transaction fees.

Engaging users: In the future, Bami will add incentives to encourage users to use the platform, and based on users' activeness, they will receive a certain amount of BAMI in return.

Providing liquidity: Users can use BAMI to provide liquidity.

NFT transactions: BAMI can be used for payment and NFT transactions on Bami NFT Marketplace