DIPO model works to help enterprises to raise the funds needed for business expansion and assists potential startup projects to effectuate their ideas. Investors can sponsor projects by purchasing tokens and receive financial or functional benefits from the projects. All projects that issue tokens under the DIPO model must satisfy all the standards set by LiveTrade and go through a stringent procedure of appraisal, audit, approval, issuance and offering on LiveTrade-authorized platforms. The model abides by SEC’s regulations, minimizing the risks for investors and give opportunities for new innovations.

DIPO procedure

It is expected that the new DIPO projects will be conducted on Bami Protocol through a new method – which will be revealed in later announcements – in order to attain fairness for all participants as well as allowing time for projects to grow and offer welfare back to the community. The Bami team is hopeful that the integration of the model on Bami Protocol will open up a new connection gate for influential conceptions, thereby driving the value of Bami Token.

The feature is under development and will be launched in the third quarter of 2021.