Bami uses the AMMs provided by Pancake swap to fulfill orders. The following diagram describes how the Bami Exchange feature works.

Bami uses various LP to provide liquidity for users' trade requests

Instead of using one Liquidity Pool, Bami chooses the LP with the best price and availability to fulfill orders for traders, saving them money and time.

The swap requests will then be processed by other LP, such as Pancakeswap for now and more in the future.

Exchange on Bami

Prepare tokens in your wallet

In order to start swapping on Bami, you need to prepare the tokens in your wallet. If your tokens are on other platforms such as Binance, Huobi, or any other centralized exchanges, you need to withdraw them to your personal wallet.

Find the token you want to trade

In order to start trading, look for the pair you want to trade. In this example, we will use BNB-BUSD.

Pay BNB to receive BUSD at real time price

If you can't find your tokens: We also support trading using smart contract addresses.

BEWARE: Some scammers may try to give you fake links to trade for fake tokens. Please note that if you trade using the token contract address, always know the risk you make!

Understanding the price

There are some key takeaways when you trade on a Swap protocol:

Price: the estimated pricing for the current trading

Minimum received: the estimated amount of the tokens you will receive

Price impact: the difference between market price and your price (may change due to your trade volume)

Liquidity Provider Fee: The fee you need to make for the Liquidity Providers.

Occasionally, the exchange will try to offer some other routes for you to make the best trade possible. Bami will NOT automatically select the route for you, instead, we give you option to choose, routing will appear if there are other favorable routes with lower fees than your current route.

Making changes in Settings

Understanding those settings will make your trades less risky.

Change the settings of your trades

Slippage tolerance: setting this percentage will make your transactions reverted if there are any unfavorably changes to the price that exceeds this percentage. For example, if you set this variable at 0.1%, then any changes to the price that exceeds 0.1% will make your Swap request reverted and no Swap will be made.

Transaction deadline: The period of time after which your transaction will be reverted if it is not approved. For example, if you set this variable at 20 minutes, then after 20 minutes of pending, your Swap request will be reverted.

Connect your wallet

When you are satisfied with the rate, you can start Swapping by unlocking your wallet. Please note that a contract call will be made first so that your tokens can be spent on behalf of you, this is required so that Bami can get the tokens from you.

Connect your wallet to Bami Protocol

Checking your transaction

You can check your transactions by clicking on your wallet address and click on "View on BscScan".

Check all your transaction history